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KCS Benefits for Full Time Salaried positions:

At KCS, we offer a competitive benefits plan that lets our employees choose which options are right for them. We offer medical, dental and vision policies. We recognize that our employees need balance between their professional and personal lives, so all internal/corporate employees are given personal time off to use as they wish.


Full time Permanent Salaried Jobs within KCS:

Business Development Manager:  • Identifies and generates new business; develops and delivers partner and vendor presentations. • Develops vendor and partner relations including but not limited to sales leads, research, cold calling, qualifying lead and developing leads. • Maintains and develops vendor relations for new and established existing vendors, assuring all existing vendors are contacted regularly to ensure satisfaction and develop need-based marketing relations. • Develops partner and vendor program documentation including but not limited to presentations, and internal paperwork for new and existing vendors

Atlanta Metropolitan area (preferred) but open for other locations on U.S East Coast

Business Development Manager

(Keshav Consulting Solutions LLC has opening in Alpharetta, GA)
Java/DevOps Engineer: 

•Design, develop and modify existing CI/CD pipelines. Build and package application code. Configure systems, deploy software, generate auto templates, and orchestrate advanced IT tasks such as continuous deployments with zero downtime rolling updates. Modify existing Docker java file of Microservices to correct errors, adapt to new Docker swarm environments, improve performance on environments, build Docker images, and deploy images on Docker managers. Integrate, design, and develop custom pipelines and push images by developing custom code. Build Maven artifacts from source and deploy artifacts to targeted environments. Implement artifacts replication between two remote repository environments to maximize usage and functionality. Automate health checks for database and automate Docker swarm building. Perform integration for auto creation of failure and problems tickets. Create or modify existing .YML to correct errors of configurations of services. Utilize Maven, npm, Bash Scripting, Linux, HTML, and Docker java. Will work in unanticipated locations. Requires Master’s in Computer Science, Engineering, or related and 6 months experience.

Send resume to Keshav Consulting Solutions LLC, 5470 McGinnis Village Place, Ste 102, Alpharetta, GA 30005.